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Hydraulic Accumulator Formulas

Formula For:Word FormulaLetter Formula
Pressure or Volume
w/ Constant “T” (Temperature)
Original Pressure x Original Volume = Final Pressure x Final VolumeP1 V1  =  P2 V2   Isothermic
Pressure or Temperature
w/ Constant “V” (Volume)
Original Pressure x Final Temperature = Final… Continue reading

Hydraulic Capacity & Volume Equivalents

 Cubic InchesCubic FeetCubic Yards
CU Inches1..0005787.00002143
CU Feet1,728.1..037037
CU Yards46,656.27.1.
U.S. Gallons231..133681.004951
Imp. Gallons277.274.160549.0059429
Lbs Water27.6798.0160184.0005929

Hydraulic Capacity & Volume Equivalents

 LitersU.S. Gallons… Continue reading

Thermal Formulas

Formula For:Word FormulaLetter Formula
Reservoir Cooling Capacity
Based on Adequate Air Circulation
Heat (BTU/HR) =
2 x Temperature Difference Between Reservoir Walls And Air (ºF) x Area of Reservoir (Sq.Ft.)
BTU/Hr = 2.0 xtriT x A
Heat in Hydraulic Oil (approx.)
Due to System Inefficiency(SG=.89-.92)
Heat (BTU/HR) =
Flow Rate… Continue reading

Hydraulic Cylinder Formulas

Cylinder Formula For:

Word Formula

Letter Formula

Cylinder Area
In Square Inches
Area = pi x Radius2 (Inches)
Area = cylinder area formula x Diameter2 (Inches)
A = pir2
A = cylinder area formula or  A = .785D2
Cylinder Force
In Pounds, Push or Pull
Force = Pressure (psi) x Net Area (Square Inches)… Continue reading

Hydraulic Pump Formulas

Formula For:Word FormulaLetter Formula
Pump Outlet Flow
In Gallons/Minute
Flow =
pump formulas: flow formula
Q = pump flow formula
Pump Input Power
In Horsepower Required
Horsepower Input =
horsepower input formula
horsepower input or horsepower input
Pump Efficiency
Overall in Percent
Overall Efficiency = pump overall efficiency formula X 100
Overall Efficiency = Volumetric Eff. x Mechanical Eff.
overall efficiency x … Continue reading

Hydraulic Fluid Formulas

Formula For:Word FormulaLetter Formula
Velocity Through Piping
In Feet/Second Velocity
Velocity =velocity fluid formulasV = velocity
Compressibility of Oil
In Additional Required Oil To Reach Pressure
Additional =
add volume formulaVolume
VA = add_volume
* Approximately 1/2 % per 100 psi
Compressibility of a FluidCompressibility =compressibility fluid formulaC(ß)=compressibility formula
Specific Gravity of a Fluid… Continue reading

Hydraulic Formula Table

Formula For:Word FormulaLetter Formula
Fluid Pressure
In Pounds/Square Inch
Pressure = fluid_pressureP = Hydraulic Formula - Fluid Pressure Formula or
psi = Hydraulic Formula - Fluid Pressure Formula
Fluid Flow Rate
In Gallons/Minute
Flow Rate = fluid_flow_rateQ = Hydraulic Formula - Fluid Flow Rate
Fluid Power
In Horsepower
Horsepower = horsepowerHP = Hydraulic Formula - Horsepower