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Hydraulic Accumulator Formulas

Formula For: Word Formula Letter Formula
Pressure or Volume
w/ Constant “T” (Temperature)
Original Pressure x Original Volume = Final Pressure x Final Volume P1 V1  =  P2 V2   Isothermic
Pressure or Temperature
w/ Constant “V” (Volume)
Original Pressure x Final Temperature = Final… Continue reading

Hydraulic Capacity & Volume Equivalents

  Cubic Inches Cubic Feet Cubic Yards
CU Inches 1. .0005787 .00002143
CU Feet 1,728. 1. .037037
CU Yards 46,656. 27. 1.
Liters 61.0234 .0353145 .001308
U.S. Gallons 231. .133681 .004951
Imp. Gallons 277.274 .160549 .0059429
Lbs Water 27.6798 .0160184 .0005929

Hydraulic Capacity & Volume Equivalents

  Liters U.S. Gallons… Continue reading

Thermal Formulas

Formula For: Word Formula Letter Formula
Reservoir Cooling Capacity
Based on Adequate Air Circulation
Heat (BTU/HR) =
2 x Temperature Difference Between Reservoir Walls And Air (ºF) x Area of Reservoir (Sq.Ft.)
BTU/Hr = 2.0 xThermal Formulas - triT x A
Heat in Hydraulic Oil (approx.)
Due to System Inefficiency(SG=.89-.92)
Heat (BTU/HR) =
Flow Rate… Continue reading

Hydraulic Cylinder Formulas

Cylinder Formulas For:

Word Formula

Letter Formula

Cylinder Area
In Square Inches
Area = pi x Radius2 (Inches)
Area = cylinder area formula x Diameter2 (Inches)
A = pir2
A = cylinder area formula or  A = .785D2
Cylinder Force
In Pounds, Push or Pull
Force = Pressure (psi) x Net Area (Square Inches)… Continue reading

Hydraulic Pump Formulas

Pump Formulas For: Word Formula Letter Formula
Pump Outlet Flow
In Gallons/Minute
Flow =
pump formulas: flow formula
Q = pump flow formula
Pump Input Power
In Horsepower Required
Horsepower Input =
horsepower input formula
horsepower input or horsepower input
Pump Efficiency
Overall in Percent
Overall Efficiency = pump overall efficiency formula X 100
Overall Efficiency = Volumetric Eff. x Mechanical Eff.
overall efficiency x… Continue reading

Hydraulic Fluid Formulas

Hydraulic Fluid Formulas For: Word Formula Letter Formula
Velocity Through Piping
In Feet/Second Velocity
Velocity =velocity fluid formulas V = velocity
Compressibility of Oil
In Additional Required Oil To Reach Pressure
Additional =
add volume formulaVolume
VA = add_volume
* Approximately 1/2 % per 100 psi
Compressibility of a Fluid Compressibility =compressibility fluid formula C(ß)=compressibility formula
Specific Gravity of… Continue reading

Hydraulic Formula Table

Formula For: Word Formula Letter Formula
Fluid Pressure
In Pounds/Square Inch
Pressure = fluid_pressure P = Hydraulic Formula - Fluid Pressure Formula or
psi = Hydraulic Formula - Fluid Pressure Formula
Fluid Flow Rate
In Gallons/Minute
Flow Rate = fluid_flow_rate Q = Hydraulic Formula - Fluid Flow Rate
Fluid Power
In Horsepower
Horsepower = horsepower HP = Hydraulic Formula - Horsepower