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Repairing and supplying remanufactured and new Hydreco Hydraulics – Hydreco Hydraulics pumps, Hydreco Hydraulics valves, Hydreco Hydraulics cylinders and Hydreco Hydraulics motors.  Search our online catalog or contact us and let us know how we can help you.

It is what we do – keeping Hydreco hydraulic pump customers in operation around the clock.

We can supply what you need or repair what you have. There may be a good chance before purchasing that your current Hydreco hydraulic pump, or motor can be repaired. Hydreco Hydraulics pump and motor repairs come with our two year warranty, giving you peace of mind with any Hydreco hydraulic pump purchase.

When purchasing, consider Hydreco Hydraulics remanufactured or after-market hydraulic units.  Best of all they can get you back up and running for less than the cost of a new hydraulic unit. We will give you a free quote so you can compare costs for a new, repaired or remanufactured Hydreco Hydraulics unit, saving you time and money with the best return on investment for your situation.

Hydreco Hydraulics History

Hydreco Hydraulics has 100 years in developing solutions which includes their offer designing, manufacturing and distributing products servicing the transport and mobile hydraulics sector. David Brown Hydraulics joined Powauto and Hydreco in 1997. Under the name Hydreco Powauto, Hydreco Hydraulics sells a variety of transport hydraulic products which cover power take-off units, pumps, valves, cylinders and accessories for on and off road vehicles.

Hydreco Hydraulics Production

Engineering is at the core of Hydreco Hydraulics, thus offering product solutions for applications within construction, earth moving, transport, industrial and materials handling.  Products evolved and advanced, leading to a series of some of the highest quality products available.

Hydreco Hydraulics’ extensive range includes low noise helical gear, aluminum and cast iron gear pumps and standard spur gear models from David Brown. Valves include multi-spool sectional and mono-block models with electro hydraulic and lever control which come with spring focused and electric detent optionsAppliances include dual axis, stackable and single axis hydraulic pilot valves. These include a wide range of handle options including ergonomic handles with many switches and button options.

Pumps by Hydreco Hydraulics

Hydreco Gear Pumps
Helical gear and spur gear pumps together have cast iron and aluminum bodies, offer stability, long life and high efficiency combined with low noise. These Hydreco hydraulic pump models include:

  • Aftermarket Gear Pumps & Motors: 1600, 1900 and 2200 Series gear pumps and motors .
  • Roller Bearing Gear Pumps & Motors: Cast iron bodies with several options of accessories.
  • WSP World Series Gear Pumps: Compact, quiet and robust gear pumps.

Powauto Gear Pumps & Piston Pumps
Select from 13 gear pump sizes, ranging from 25cc to 115cc in addition to 10 sizes of bent axis piston pumps generate up to 350 bars and include popular ports and mountings.

  • Gear Pumps: PUT20 UNI Series pumps come in 7 displacements from 6.1 to 40.2 ccm/rev. while pump range has superseded the CF range in five pump sizes for general and high pressure use.
  • Piston Pumps: Place versatile positions in any one of four orientations plus the. Low weight, ease of installation and maintenance.

Hydreco Dump Pumps & Dry Valve Pumps
Low cost and low maintenance dump pumps premium bearings offer a long life and durability.  Dry Valves have a smaller overall length with 3000 psi rated pressure. They have higher pressure in select models while horsepower demand is reduced when hydraulic power is not required. This makes these Hydreco Hydraulic pumps a viable choice for varied pressure needs.

Valves by Hydreco Hydraulics

Hydreco Mono-block Valves
Mono-block valves come in several variants and with many accessories including high performance valves with large application range.  They include cast iron bodies suitable for high pressure uses while offering on/off and directional control valves with electronic controls. They have a high capacity pilot operated system relief valve of “in iron” construction for ease of service.  A hollow plunger construction with built-in load hold checks for precise metering.

  • Flow max: 150 US gallons/min (565 liter/min).
  • Pressure max: 3000 PSI.

Hydreco Sectional/Mobile Valves
They have cast iron bodies apt for high pressure applications with on/off, electronically controlled proportional directional control valves.  Features include:

  • Sectional Valve: Rated at 150 liter/min and can be used down to 80 liter/min. Controls range from manual to pilot hydraulic to electro-hydraulic.
  • Mobile Valves: Maximum flow 15 to 21 gall/min which can be used for 1 to 8 spools, depending on model.

Powauto Hydraulic Transport Valves
Control options include manual, pilot hydraulic, pneumatic and electro hydraulic. Depending on the model, features include sectional or mono-block construction, flow rating to 450 liters/min, tandem circuits, and many inlets. Additional features include hard chrome spools for longer life, large ports/spool passages for maximum flow with minimum pressure drop, and simple design for trouble free operation and installation.

Cylinders by Hydreco Hydraulics

Telescopic Cylinders for Americas
Cylinders have a bottom cross tube double supported and enlarged bottom cover for maximum strength. A capitalized bearing overlap offers operating stability while high tensile steel tubes offer maximized durability. Rugged modern nylon US produced bearings for long endurance.

Telescopic Cylinders for Underbody Applications
Cylinders come in both UBB and UBE series of underbody telescopic hoists in a tipping range from 4.8 to 28.8 metric tons and from 3 to 6 stages, depending on strokes and base tube diameters.  Extension stages are roller-burnished and chrome plated on the outside and roller-burnished on the inside to increase working life. All seals are high quality distortion-proof polyurethane. Upper and lower stops are steel and machined on the tubes to ensure reliable service. Quality bearings are used on sliding sections to ensure long life and trouble free operation.

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