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Pump Formulas

Formulas, Hydraulic Info, Pumps

Hydraulic Pump Formulas

Pump Formulas For: Word Formula Letter Formula
Pump Outlet Flow
In Gallons/Minute
Flow =
pump formulas: flow formula
Q = pump flow formula
Pump Input Power
In Horsepower Required
Horsepower Input =
horsepower input formula
horsepower input or horsepower input
Pump Efficiency
Overall in Percent
Overall Efficiency = pump overall efficiency formula X 100
Overall Efficiency = Volumetric Eff. x Mechanical Eff.
overall efficiency x  100
Pump Efficiency
Overall in Percent
Volumetric Efficiency =
volumetric efficiency formula x 100
EffVOL =
volumetric efficiency x 100
Pump Efficiency
Mechanical in Percent
Mechanical Efficiency =
mechanical efficiency formula x 100
EffMEC =
mechanical efficiency x 100
Pump Life
B10 Bearing Life
B10 Hours of Bearing Life =
Rated Life Hours x
pump life formula xpump life formula
B10  x
pump life xpump life