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Cessna Hydraulic Pump | Cessna Hydraulic Cylinders
Cessna Hydraulic Pump | Cessna Hydraulic Cylinders

We repair and supply remanufactured and new Cessna hydraulics, including Cessna hydraulic pumps and Cessna hydraulic motors. Search our online catalog. Contact us. Let us know how we can help you.

It is what we do – keeping Eaton Cessna customers in operation around the clock.

We supply what you need or repair what you have. Check before purchasing as repairs can often save you money. There is a good chance that your current Cessna hydraulic pump, motor, valve or cylinder can be repaired. Eaton Cessna hydraulic pump repairs, including motors, valves & cylinders comes with our two year warranty.

When purchasing, consider Cessna hydraulics remanufactured or after-market hydraulic units. They can get you back up and running for less than the cost of a new hydraulic unit. Get a free quote and compare the costs for a new, repaired or remanufactured Eaton unit.

History of Eaton Cessna Hydraulics

The Cessna company dates back to 1911 when Clyde Cessna, a farmer, built his own flight-worthy airplane, which launched a successful aircraft company. After WWII, the aircraft manufacturer realized that the wartime government contracts would dry up, so they launched a fluid power division that became one of their most profitable divisions. Hydraulic pumps have limited applications in aircraft, but Cessna’s line was popular in farm equipment, an industry the family was experienced in. 

Cessna’s hydraulic business was acquired by Eaton Hydraulics in 1988.  This acquisition marked a significant shift in Cessna’s business strategy, allowing them to focus more on their core aviation operations while leveraging Eaton’s expertise in hydraulic technologies.

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Whether you’re local or farther away you can ship your hydraulic unit in for repair to our Hydraulic Repair facility. Contact us today at 800-728-5168 and check out the Shipping Info link below for more information on how to mail in your Hydraulic unit for repair at our Oklahoma City facility.

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