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Repairing and supplying remanufactured and new Kawasaki hydraulics – Kawasaki hydraulics pumps and Kawasaki hydraulics motors.  Search our online catalog or contact us and let us know how we can help you.

It is what we do – keeping customers in operation around the clock.

We can supply what you need or repair what you have. Before purchasing, there may be a good chance that your current hydraulic pump, motor, valve or cylinder can be repaired. Kawasaki hydraulic pump repairs, including Kawasaki hydraulic motors, Kawasaki hydraulic valves & Kawasaki hydraulic cylinders come with our two-year warranty.

When purchasing, consider Kawasaki hydraulics remanufactured or after-market hydraulic units. Best of all, they can get you back up and running for less than the cost of a new Kawasaki hydraulic unit. We will give you a free quote so you can compare costs for a new, repaired or remanufactured Kawasaki unit, giving you the best return on investment in a Kawasaki hydraulic pump.

Kawasaki Hydraulics History

It all began in 1878 when Shozo Kawasaki Hydraulics established the Kawasaki Tsukiji Shipyard in Tokyo. It was later incorporated as Kawasaki Dockyard Company in 1896 and Kojiro Matsukata was appointed as president of the company. 1897 began Japan’s modern shipbuilding industry after completing the cargo-passenger ship, Iyomaru. It was their first ship as a publicly traded company.

In 1906, Kawasaki continued to expand and opened a new business to manufacture and fabricate railway cars, called Hyogo Works. Late in 1906 Kawasaki built the first submarine in Japan.  Through its many ventures over the years, Kawasaki continued to expand and pave the way for others in the industry. Over the next few decades, Kawasaki built everything from ships to airplanes and developed several branches of the company.

In 1969 all of the Kawasaki-affiliated companies merged to form Kawasaki Heavy Industries. That year they also developed the first Japanese industrial robot. In the late ‘60s and early 70s Kawasaki began developing motorcycles and water skis. In 1975, Kawasaki began manufacturing motorcycles in the United States.

Kawasaki is also the manufacturer of Staffa hydraulic motors.

Kawasaki Hydraulics Sustainability

Since the beginning, the Kawasaki Group has been “working as one for the good of the planet”.  As a global technology leader, Kawasaki constantly strives to reach new heights in technology through their originality and innovation. The companies under the Kawasaki Group are making big waves in sustainable innovation. Here are a few examples:

Precision Machinery Company:  Focused on developing products that are energy efficient and promote environmental adaptation and support the infrastructure of emerging markets.

Motorcycle and Engine Company:  Develops products matching the needs of emerging markets. They deliver the “fun to ride”, “ease of riding” while meeting today’s low-carbon requirements.

Gas Turbine and Machinery Company: Delivers diverse solutions to energy and transportation needs. They are also a major contributor of the stable supply of clean energy.

Ship & Offshore Structure Company: Working to resolve global issues including saving energy and reducing environmental loads through innovations in marine transport working to find access to new natural resources.

Rolling Stock Company: Working hard to construct transport infrastructure that supports economic development in emerging nations around the world. They strive to provide safe, environmentally-friendly rolling stock systems.

Kawasaki Hydraulic Pumps

Kawasaki Hydraulics K3VG Axial Piston Pumps feature a reliable, durable, high-pressure design with an extensive range of control options. They are available in nominal displacements ranging from 63 to 560 cm3/rev and feature a range of pressures, displacements, and control options.

We stock a variety of remanufactured Kawasaki® hydraulic pumps and motors for mobile equipment including:

  • K3V63, K3V112, K3V140, K3V180, K3V280, K5V140, K5V160, K5V200, MB750, MX750 and more.

Units/series we commonly stock in reman and repair are:

  • K3V63, 112, 140, 180, 280 – K3VL45, 60, 80, 112, 140, 200 – K5V80, 112, 140, 160, 200 – MB750, MX750, and more.

Kawasaki Hydraulics K3VL Axial Piston Pumps are available in nominal displacements ranging from 45 to 200 cm3/rev and feature various pressures, control options, and torque limiter. The K3VL Series is divided into three different subgroups:

  1. Rotating – provides the primary rotary pumping action
  2. Swash Plate – varies the rate of the pumps delivery flow
  3. Valve Cover Group – switches oil between the suction and delivery ports

Kawasaki Hydraulics K3V Axial Piston Pumps feature an efficient, high-power, durable design that is low noise and has a wide range of control options. They are available in PTO, tandem, and parallel options to suite a range of applications. The K3V Series are a popular and reliable power source for a variety of construction machines.

Kawasaki Hydraulic Motors

Kawasaki Hydraulics “Staffa” HMB Radial Piston Motors feature a proven, efficient, rugged design with a wide range of mounting options to fit every need. The HMB Series has a unique hydrostatic balancing system that reduces wear and maximizes life and they are available in different frame sizes, displacements, capacities and control options.

Kawasaki Hydraulics “Staffa” HMC Radial Piston Motors have two pre-set displacements that can be chose from a wide variety to fit certain application requirements. There are several control, mounting, and speed options available. The HMC Series features hydrostatic balancing techniques to ensure high efficiency.

Kawasaki Hydraulics “Staffa” HPC Radial Piston Motors offer high power and high performance in an enhanced, efficient, smooth design.  The HPC Series features high torques at low speeds to maximize efficiency and they are available in a variety of displacements that can be easily changed while the motor is running.

Units we commonly stock and remanufacture are:

  • HMB. HMB 10, HMB 30, HMB 45, HMB 80, HMB 100, HMB 125, HMB 150, HMB 200, HMB 270, HMB 325, HMB 400, HMC Series Motors … and many more.

Take a look through our online catalog to find the Kawasaki hydraulic pump or motor you’re looking for. If we don’t have it listed, give us a call or send us an email. Whether you’re looking for a new Kawasaki hydraulic pump or simply looking to repair the one you own, Precision Fluid Power has what you need!

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