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Denison Hydraulics History

What is the history of Denison Hydraulics?

Denison Hydraulics is a U.S. based company, manufacturing industrial hydraulic fluid power systems such as hydraulic pumps, motors and valves. Denison was founded in 1900 as the Cook Motor Company, a manufacturer of industrial gasoline engines. Bill Denison took over the company after World War I. Then in 1925, Bill Denison invented the first hydraulic machine, the hydraulic car pusher. He began operating under the Denison Engineering Company. After years of experimenting and research, it developed into the Denison Hydraulics company it is today. The company name was changed to Denison Hydraulics Inc. in 1992 and was later purchased by Parker Hannifin in 2003.

Denison Hydraulics Valves

Denison Hydraulics valves are manufactured in four different types including:

  1. Directional control valves – alters the path of pressurized fluid through the hydraulic systems
  2. Pressure control valves – regulate the pressure of the hydraulic fluid
  3. Flow control valves – matches the hydraulic fluid’s flow with the requirements of the system
  4. Hydraulic check valves – allow fluid to pass in only one direction

They can be used in a wide variety of commercial settings, such as injection molding, metal and material forming, mobile equipment, or marine systems.

Denison Hydraulics is one of the only manufacturers of flange mounted pressure control valves. Attach hydraulic valves directly to another hydraulic component and connect traditional valve designs to associated hydraulic components and lines. This tends to be more expensive and less effective than flange mounting.

Units we commonly stock in new, re-manufactured or aftermarket are:

  • R4, R5
  • 2F1C

Denison Hydraulics Piston Pumps and Motors

Denison Hydraulics manufactures piston pumps in a variety of specialized sizes, pressures and displacements. Their large-sized hydraulic piston pumps under their Gold Cup Series are superior. Because of their “barrel-bearing” design, they are able to run in stable conditions at high speeds and pressures. This results in a longer life cycle in heavy duty situations, such as heavy mining equipment and aircraft carrier steering systems.

They designed the Gold Cup Series piston pumps for both open and closed circuits. Configure featured modular controls to meet most system requirements and locate versatile controls either side for maximum use and design. The Gold Cup pump has several features allowing it to run in multiple open circuit applications and the most difficult control requirements.

Denison also manufactures Calzoni brand fixed displacement, dual displacement and variable displacement radial piston motors. They are available in many designs, models and displacements.

Units we commonly stock in new, re-manufactured or aftermarket are:

Denison Hydraulics Piston Pumps

  • PV6, PV10, PV15, PV20, PV29, PF-04/05/06/07/08/09, PV-05/06/07/09/09, PXX 1223

Denison Hydraulics Motors

  • M1C, M1D, M1E, M4C, M4D, M4E, MF-04/05/06/07/08/09, MV-05/06/07/08/09
  • T2. T2SC, T2SCT, T2SD, T5C, T5, T6C, T6CCM, TG, TMB, T6CC, T6CC, T67
  • P12, P140, P14P, P14S, P14V, P16, P1F07, P1V07, P200, P24, P24P, P24S, P260, P2F07, P30S, P3F07, P3V07, P46P, P46V
  • M4E, M11H, M11V, M14G, M14H, M14V, M1F07, M2F07, M46, M46H, M46V

Denison Hydraulics Vane Pumps

Denison Hydraulics vane pumps are one of the strongest products in the industry. Their unique double-lip design stands them apart in quality. This allows the vane to be in contact with the cam ring at two points instead of just one. This also makes them less susceptible to contamination. Denison Hydraulics offers a range of hydraulic vane pumps, varying in size, pressure and displacement.

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