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We repair and supply both remanufactured and new Rexroth hydraulics, including Rexroth hydraulic pumps, Rexroth hydraulic valves and Rexroth hydraulic motors. Search our online catalog or contact us and let us know how we can help you in the search for the right Rexroth hydraulic components..

It is what we do – keeping Rexroth Hydraulics customers in operation around the clock.

We can supply what you need or repair what you have. Before purchasing Rexroth hydraulic pumps and other components, there may be a good chance that your current Rexroth hydraulic unit can be repaired, which comes with our two-year warranty, and will generally give you a lower final cost than purchasing another unit outright.

When purchasing, consider Rexroth hydraulics re-manufactured or after-market hydraulic units. Much like the repair option, they can get you back up and running for less than the cost of a new hydraulic unit. We will give you a free hydraulic repair quote so you can compare costs for a new, repaired or re-manufactured Rexroth hydraulic unit.​

History of Rexroth Hydraulics

In 1952, the Rexroth family began producing standardized hydraulics.  They launched the first industrial hydraulic gear pump for mobile machines in 1953, which was a huge step forward for the hydraulic industry as a whole. Rexroth also gets credit for being the first company to produce the first hydraulic servo valve on the market and would revolutionize the mechanical world in 1979 by introducing a maintenance-free AC servomotor.  Their innovations continued to push the hydraulics industry into the 21st century.  In 2001, Rexroth merged with Bosch Automation to form Bosch-Rexroth.

Rexroth Hydraulic Specializations

Rexroth stands out as a leading specialist in the realm of industrial hydraulics, offering a comprehensive range of products including Rexroth hydraulic pumps, motors, and valves. Their expertise caters to diverse applications across various industries, from construction and agriculture to renewable energy and manufacturing.

Types of Rexroth Hydraulic Pumps:

  • Fixed and variable displacement pumps: These cater to applications requiring constant or adjustable flow rates, respectively, ensuring optimal system performance.
  • Axial piston pumps: Known for their high efficiency and precise control, these are often utilized in demanding mobile and industrial applications.
  • Gear pumps: Offering a simple and robust design, these are well-suited for cost-effective solutions in various industrial settings.

Types of Rexroth Hydraulic Motors:

  • Fixed and variable displacement motors: Mirroring their pump counterparts, these offer flexibility in terms of adapting to different power and speed requirements.
  • Orbital motors: Compact and powerful, these are commonly used in applications requiring high torque at low speeds, such as material handling equipment.

Types of Rexroth Hydraulic Valves:

  • Directional control valves: These regulate the flow direction within a hydraulic system, enabling precise control of actuator movement.
  • Pressure relief valves: These safeguard systems by limiting pressure buildup beyond safe operating limits.
  • Proportional valves: Offering highly accurate flow control, these are crucial in applications demanding precise positioning and smooth operation.

Rexroth’s commitment to innovation ensures their hydraulic solutions are reliable, efficient, and capable of catering to a wide range of demanding applications across various industries.

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