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Precision Fluid Power

Hydraulic Pumps & Hydraulic Pump Repair Services



Precision Fluid Power provides hydraulic repairs for virtually any component, including pumps, motors, servo valves, actuators, cylinders. We serve all industries, large or small, regardless of what equipment you operate.

Industrial, Mining, Forestry, Oil & Gas, Agriculture, Construction

The Precision Fluid Power team can provide solutions to handle all your hydraulic needs with over 150 years of experience!!!!


1-3 day turnaround
Up to 50% Savings
Freight Paid 1 Way

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Save Time, Save Money

  • Hydraulic Pumps: Vane, Piston, Gear; Current, Obsolete; New and Rebuilt. Precision Fluid Power can save you time and money on a rebuilt hydraulic pump! Find the Hydraulic Pumps you need here.
  • Hydraulic Motors: Precision Fluid Power can offer new or rebuilt/current or obsolete units. All hydraulic motor units are warranted as new and same day service on standard repairs is available. You can Buy Hydraulic Motors here.
  • Hydraulic Valves: Precision Fluid Power rebuilds valves by completely disassembling, inspecting, replacing defective parts, reassembling and testing which cuts your cost by 50 percent or more! You can buy hydraulic valves or get hydraulic valve repair services from Precision Fluid Power.
  • Hydraulic Cylinders: Precision Fluid Power rebuilds single acting, double acting, rodless and many other types of hydraulic cylinders. Complete machine shop with large inventory of rods, tubes, and gland materials for minimum downtime. Go here to get Hydraulic Cylinder Repair Services.
  • Hydrostatic Services: Precision Fluid Power’s personnel are experts in the field of repairing pumps, motors, and back-to-back hydrostatic drives. They also specialize in the Repair and Exchange of Hydrostatic Transmissions. Precision Fluid Power also specializes in the complete rework capabilities for Blocks & Pistons, etc. You can expect a fast turn around.