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Precision Fluid Power specializes in providing comprehensive solutions for your hydraulic needs, including Sunfab hydraulics. Our expertise encompasses repairing and supplying re-manufactured and new Sunfab hydraulics – Sunfab hydraulics pumps and Sunfab hydraulics motors. You can easily search our online catalog or contact us directly, and our dedicated team will be more than happy to assist you.

It is what we do – keeping Sunfab hydraulics customers in operation around the clock. We understand the importance of minimizing downtime and maintaining optimal performance in your hydraulic systems.

We offer flexible options to cater to your unique requirements. We can supply what you need or repair hydraulic pumps, motors, and valves to keep you up and running. Before purchasing, there may be a good chance that your current hydraulic pump or motor can be repaired. Sunfab hydraulics repairs and motor repairs come with our two-year warranty, ensuring that you receive the highest quality service and peace of mind.

When purchasing, consider remanufactured Sunfab hydraulics units. These reconditioned units undergo thorough testing and quality checks to ensure they meet our high standards. Best of all, they can get you back up and running for less than the cost of a new Sunfab hydraulic unit. We will give you a free quote so you can compare costs for a new, repaired or re-manufactured Sunfab unit, giving you the best possible return on investment for all of your Sunfab hydraulic needs.

Sunfab Hydraulics History

Sunfab Hydraulics was founded in Sweden by Eric Sundin as a ski production factory. As the ski business began to rapidly expand, they began implementing more and more hydraulics in their production systems. In 1947, he created the world’s first mobile hydraulic crane. This invention lead several more discoveries and the start of Sunfab Hydraulics. Eric Sundin died in 1975 and they discontinued making skis in 1989. It became Sunfab Hydraulics in the early 90s.

Sunfab Hydraulics Variable Displacement Pumps

Sunfab Hydraulics offers a several variable pumps with varying displacements. With a working pressure of up to 450 bar, this pump can be used in almost all applications needed variable oil flow. The pump delivery flow can be adjusted between 0 and Qmax. The flow depends on the present drive speed and the geometric displacement.

Sunfab Hydraulics Single Flow Pumps

Sunfab Hydraulics offers a wide range of single flow hydraulic pumps:

  • Standard (SAP/ SCP 012-108 DIN): a lightweight pump covering a displacement range of 12-108 cm3⁄rev and a working pressure up to 400 bar. The rotation direction is easy to change by simply turning the connection cover.
  • Optimized (SCP 084, 108 DIN Optimized: an optimized version for high speed featuring extra heat-resistant seals, allowing it to withstand higher temperatures. It is available in two sizes (084 and 108cc) with a working pressure up to 400 bar. Available in left or right hand versions.
  • SCPT (SCPT 090, 130 DIN): supports a larger flow and working pressures up to 300 bar, making it ideal for tipper applications. It is available in two sizes (090 and 130cc). The rotation direction is easy to change by simply turning the connection cover.
  • SCP – ISO (SCP 012-130 ISO): a series for mobile and stationary hydraulics, covering a displacement range of 12-130 cm3⁄rev and working pressure of up to 400 bar.  It is externally drained and provides high speed and flow. Available in left or right hand versions.

Sunfab Hydraulics Dual Flow Pumps

Sunfab has a range of dual flow pumps varying in size from 20/20 cm3 up to 76/76cm3. Dual flow hydraulic pumps are ideal for vehicles requiring two different flows. They are available with two equal large flows, or with one small and one large flow.

Sunfab Hydraulics Motors

Sunfab offers a diverse range of hydraulic motors that meet SAE, ISO and DIN standard with a displacement of 12-130 cm3. They come with a choice of seals, shafts and connection ports. It has a high revolution speed and a working pressure up to 400 bar, allowing a power output of up to 285 kW.

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