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We repair and supply re-manufactured and new Eaton hydraulics, which included Eaton hydraulic pumps and Eaton hydraulic motors.  Search our online catalog or contact us and let us know how we can help you.

It is what we do – keeping customers in operation around the clock.

We can supply what you need or repair what you have, so before purchasing, there is a good chance that your current hydraulic pump, motor, valve or cylinder can be repaired. Eaton hydraulic pump repairs, including motors, valves & cylinders come with our two-year warranty.

When purchasing, consider Eaton hydraulics remanufactured or after-market hydraulic units. Best of all they can get you back up and running for less than the cost of a new hydraulic unit. We will give you a free quote so you can compare costs for a new, repaired or remanufactured Eaton unit, getting you back in business without breaking the bank.

Eaton Hydraulics – History

 In 1900, Viggo Torbensen invents and patents the first gear-driven rear truck axle. Then in 1911, he teamed up with Joseph Eaton to form the Torbensen Gear and Axle Company in Bloomfield, New Jersey. In 1914 they moved the business to Cleveland, Ohio. When the Torbensen Axle Company was bought out, Eaton and Tobensen developed Eaton Axle Company in 1919. After several successful acquisitions, the company was changed to Eaton Manufacturing Company in 1932. Throughout the upcoming decades, Eaton Manufacturing continued to expand, acquiring more small companies and expanding their market. This led them to be the industry leader they are today. Eaton Hydraulics is now a manufacturer of well-known hydraulic brands including Charlynn, Dynapower, and Cessna.

Danfoss’ Acquisition of Eaton Hydraulics

In 2020, Eaton’s hydraulics division was acquired by Danfoss Hydraulics. This union brought Eaton’s robust product range and customer focus into Danfoss’ fold, heralding a new era in hydraulics solutions. As a retailer, Precision Fluid Power is excited to offer our customers an enriched selection of products from this merged entity. Eaton’s loyal customer base can now enjoy a wider range of advanced hydraulic solutions, backed by Danfoss’ technological strength and global network. This strategic move promises enhanced product quality and innovation, ensuring we continue to meet and exceed our customers’ evolving needs in hydraulic technology.

Eaton Hydraulic Motors

Low-Speed, High-Torque Geroler Motors 

When it comes to Low-Speed, High-Torque hydraulic motor technology, Eaton is an industry leader with their Charlynn product line. Each of Charlynn’s motor product lines includes a wide range of displacements that can be customized to fit specific application needs.

Spool Valve Motors

Small but mighty, find these low-pressure motors in a variety of pressures and displacements with a combination of features is perfect for a variety of demanding applications. You’ll often find them used in harvesters, augers, conveyors, and food processing equipment.

Disc Valve Motors

Medium-pressure motors offer higher flows and pressures than the spool valve motors which deliver the lowest pressure drop in the industry and the widest range of options to fit any application. Find them used in brush cutters, mowers, trenchers, forestry equipment, and turf equipment.

Valve-In-Star Motors

Heavy-duty, pressure-balanced motors featuring low speeds and high torque. Find these high-pressure motors in closed-loop applications because of the durable, compact design which are perfect for grinders, sprayers, augers, and equipment requiring higher pressure capability.

  • HP30 Hydraulic Motors feature a two-speed capability and outstanding starting torque efficiency that offers significant advantages over radial piston and cam lobe designs.
  • HP50 Hydraulic Track Motors features high power density, high starting torque efficiency, and high capacity bearings to help get any job done. The HP50 track motor’s direct drive provides higher top speed and horsepower transfer while maintaining a high mechanical and volumetric efficiency.
  • VIS 40/45 Motors: composed of three moving parts – drive, star, Geroler, and output shaft. Find them in snow removal equipment, amusement rides, trenchers and wood processing.
    • The VIS 40 is the newest addition to the product line which features increased drive train strength, displacements, and torque range.
    • The VIS 45 is the most powerful of the product line which features the maximum continuous output torque capability with a wide displacement range.

Eaton Hydraulics Low-Speed, High-Torque Piston Motors

Eaton is continuously producing reliable motors known for their economic design, modularity and high-power density. This is what makes Eaton an industry leader. Eaton Hydraulics uses torque density, making smarter, more economical designs.

Eaton Hydraulics Dowmax Axial Piston Motors

They feature a double swashplate design with multiple opposed pistons, allowing for smoother operation at lower speeds and provide several shaft and mounting options, making it flexible for a variety of applications which is perfect for directional drilling machinery, marine winches and top head drives.

Eaton Hydraulics Hydre-MAC Radial Piston Motors

They feature a cam lobe design that is perfect variable speed applications that use less energy to deliver more power which experiences less heat and wear and tear because of its symmetrical, 18-piston design. It is commonly used in offshore, marine, metal recovery, mining, and off-highway applications.

Eaton Hydraulics High-Pressure Fixed Piston Motors

Eaton Hydraulics DuraForce HMA and HMF Series Motors

Fixed axial piston motors provide long life in more extreme applications and feature high efficiency, durability and precision control. The Duraforce Series features a compact design that allows them to meet even the most challenging space requirements in both mobile and industrial applications.

Eaton Hydraulics Hydrokraft MFX and MFW Motors

Axial piston motors have the largest shaft bearings to promote a long life span and full through-drive capability and features a range of pressures, displacements, and control options that help fit the motor to any application. They are commonly used in crushers, centrifugal pumps, primary metals, and pulp and paper applications.   

Eaton Hydraulics Series 1 Piston Motors

Deliver success in tight mobile applications and high-pressure applications. Find them in a number of speeds, displacements, and pressures and the Series 1 features a cast-iron housing and fixed clearance design that reduces noise and allows for efficient operation.

Eaton Hydraulics Medium-Pressure Piston Motors

Eaton Hydraulics Medium-Pressure Fixed Piston Motors

Piston Pumps offer solutions for a variety of mobile and industrial applications and they feature a range of displacements, pressures, speeds, and drive options and you can find them in numerous mounting options. Their lightweight, durable housing allows for easy service and accessibility.

Eaton Hydraulics Medium-Pressure Variable Piston Motors

The motors feature a lightweight, durable housing and various mounting options to allow for a wider range of accessibility and flexibility and they have proved to be a valuable solution for a wide range of applications. They come in different sizes, displacements, and electronic controls.

Eaton Hydraulics High-Pressure Variable Piston Motors

Eaton Hydraulics DuraForce HMV and HMR Motors

They deliver durability, high efficiency, smooth torque delivery, and a diverse operating range to handle extreme applications while the DuraForce Series maintains a smooth, repetitive torque delivery at low speeds, making it the perfect fit for sensitive applications.

Eaton Hydraulics Hydrokraft MVX and MVW Motors

Axial piston motors feature an efficient, swashplate design that produces a low sound level while the Hydrokraft Series can handle a wide range of fluids and is available in a range of control options. They are commonly used in chemical pump drives, pulp and paper, marine winches and primary metals.

Eaton Hydraulics Series 1 Variable Motors

Known for their quality, longevity, and efficiency. Its fixed clearance slipper design and cast-iron housing reduces noise and allows for exceptional operation. Find the Series 1 variable motors in a range of speeds, pressures, and displacements with applications covering the most demanding applications such as combines and transit mixers.

Eaton Hydraulics Pumps

Eaton Hydraulics External Gear Pumps

Eaton has been manufacturing balances, cost-efficient external gear pumps for over 50 years. Eaton’s external gear pumps are the first choice for applications in agriculture, forestry, mining, automotive manufacturing, entertainment, and more. Find them in a range of configurations, designs and multi-pump combinations. Eaton external gear pumps offer longer life, quieter operation, high pressure and a full range of features to choose from.

Eaton Hydraulics S26 and L2 Aluminum Gear Pumps

Available in varying displacements and pressures. Its compact packaging and die-cast aluminum housing make it the perfect fit for many industrial and agricultural equipment and applications.

Eaton Hydraulics Open-Circuit Piston Pumps

Eaton Hydraulics X20 Series Piston Pumps

Offer impeccable productivity and reliability in one lightweight, compact package and this makes them perfect for a range of medium-pressure mobile applications. Some commonly used applications include sprayers, combines, fire trucks, salt spreaders, backhoe loaders, snow removal trucks, and cranes, just to name a few.

Eaton Hydraulics PVH Series Pumps

They provide all the power of Eaton technology in a compact, lightweight, inline piston design while the lightweight design significantly reduces noise, making it perfect for sensitive applications like skid steer loaders and boom lifts.

Eaton Hydraulics Closed-Circuit Piston Pumps

Eaton Hydraulics DuraForce HPV Series Pumps

Long lasting axial piston pumps available in a variety of displacements, pressures, and control options. HPV pump designs offer flexibility, precision, and efficiency in mind, making them a great fit for a wide range of hydraulic systems. Find them used in applications such as agriculture, forestry, construction, mining, and more.

Eaton Hydraulics Light Duty Hydrostatic Pumps

This is the perfect partner for Eaton’s Charlynn motor line since they feature a smooth, reliable, radial ball piston design and aluminum cooling fins that help prevent overheating. Find them in equipment such as lawn tractors, concrete saws, and agricultural sprinklers.

Eaton Hydraulics Medium Duty Hydrostatic Pumps

Great middle solution for a range of hydraulic applications. The self-lubricating system is responsive, cost-effective and easy to operate. Eaton medium duty pumps can transfer power to remote locations without the need for a mechanical power train which makes them a perfect fit for mid-range hydraulic systems.

Eaton Hydraulics Heavy Duty Hydrostatic Pumps

Optimized for the most demanding applications, Eaton heavy-duty pumps offer the most efficient and reliable performance on the market. The fluid-linked system allows for hydrostatic braking which helps optimize engine power and performance with the easy, responsive operation and you can find them used in combines, farm tractors, timber harvesters, and construction equipment.

Eaton Hydraulics TVX Series Pumps

Variable closed-circuit piston pumps that offer a variety of displacements, precision controls, and operating pressures. They feature extra-large bearings to help extend the pump life and reliability. Find them used in applications such as crusher feeder drives, dewatering presses, and cranes.

Eaton Hydraulics TVW Series Pumps

These feature a through-drive design available in a variety of displacements, controls and operating pressures which helps maximize flexibility. The range of mounting options available to ensure easy installation. Find them used in thrusters, marine cranes and turbine starters.

Eaton Hydraulics Vane Pumps

Eaton fixed displacement vane pumps fit a wide range of applications that features a modular design that is available with flexible displacement and mounting options. Find Eaton vane pumps commonly used in molding material handling, manufacturing, construction, and automotive applications.

Eaton Hydraulics V Series Pumps

These feature intra-vane cartridge design technology so that they provide excellent efficiency, serviceability, and operating life. Eaton V Series pumps are extremely quiet, making them the first choice for indoor applications. Find them commonly used in plastic injection molding, presses, industrial power units, and more.

Eaton Hydraulics VMQ Series Pumps

Feature a unique bi-metallic wafer plate design that can handle the highest pressures and the lowest noise levels. This makes them great for equipment such as combines, oil fields, balers, compactors, die casting, and mobile cranes.

Eaton Hydraulics V10/V20 Series Pumps

The first choice for medium and low-pressure applications since the pressure-balanced, modular design helps reduce noise, improve serviceability and extend pump life. Find the V10/V20 Series commonly used for mobile and industrial applications including lift trucks, balers, power units, and power steering.

Eaton Hydraulics VG(H) Series Pumps

These provide excellent efficiency, serviceability and operating life with their intra-vane cartridge design while offering a wide range of displacements and configurations, find them commonly used in wheel loaders, lift trucks and refuse trucks.​

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