Hydraulic Pump Installation & Operating Instructions

For hydraulic pump installation or when replacing a hydraulic pump or motor, it is essential that all critical parameters are taken into account. Be sure you know the required system, pressure, RPM range, direction of rotation, shaft size and type, port size and type, and mounting information. If you have nay questions regarding replacing pumps, don’t hesitate to call our component group at 1-800-728-5168.

Figuring Gear Pump G.P.M.

Hydraulic Pump Installation Figuring Gear Pump G.P.M. Diagram




GPM @ 1000 RPM = 26 X w X (2D -L) x  hydraulic pump installation formula
GPM @ 1200 RPM = 31 X w X (2D -L) x hydraulic pump installation formula
GPM @ 1800 RPM = 47 X w X (2D -L) x  hydraulic pump installation formula

    D = 1.990 
    W = 1.738 
    L = 3.705

GPM = 26 X w X (2D -L) x  hydraulic pump installation formula

GPM = 26 X 1.738 X (2.1.990 -3.705) X hydraulic pump installation formula

GPM = 45.188 X .275 X .8575

GPM =10.656  11 GPM@1000RPM 

Hydraulic Pump Installation & Replacement Guide

Many Are Identical
In many cases, OEM’s have used pumps from several different manufacturers for the same model of equipment and are, for all practical purposes, identical.

Hydraulic Pump Replacement Guide


Use This Helpful Guide
If you have a pump that needs replacing, the following information would be helpful: 
Number (if any) stamped on pump direction of rotation shaft size & type of mounting flange port size & type pear diameter & width.

Let Us Help You 
Using the above information, our trained personnel will select the proper replacement pump. Some pumps, however, have been out of production for a number of years and certain modifications may have to be made